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October 2020

Podcast Interview on the “Will and Lee Show”!

I had the privilege of being on the Will and Lee Show Podcast this past week! We covered a range of topics around self-love including:

* My eating disorder in college & how to change one’s relationship with food/practice self-compassion (12:46)

* Preparing to travel solo & Safe & Solo (21:00)

* Practicing being alone to deepen self-love (26:27)

* Connecting with your inspiration, spirit guides to create and know when things are complete (37:19)

* My Morning self love ritual (59:30)

* “We’re human beings, not human doings.” (61:10)

You can hop to these parts to hear my poetry:

* “Self-Love Earplugs” (41:49)

* “Ice Skater” and what I see when I write (45:10)

* Background and reading of “Holding Up The Sky”. Will & I discuss why it’s important to share your burden with others and take on what’s meaningful (50:20)

* “​T​ransit ​S​unsets”​ and noticing miracles hiding in plain sight. (Will loses his mind over a hyphen)(55:16)

Hope you enjoy this podcast (full version below)! It’s also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

ALSO, for a limited time (through Oct 25th, 2020), you can download my poetry e-book, Loving Yourself Into Being for FREE on Amazon!!

Shout out to Andrew Hsu for your beautiful website/show notes! Thanks again, Lee & Will for having me on your show!

Free Poetry E-Book (for 3 Days)!!

Hey Friends,

I’m giving away my poetry e-book, “Loving Yourself Into Being”, for FREE for 3 days (longer story below)!!! In these crazy times, we need love and compassion even more, so I wanted to make my book more accessible. I hope you enjoy it, share it with your friends and family, and let me know what you think! If you like it, I’d be extremely grateful if you would write a review on Amazon for me afterwards. Thank you so much!

This past weekend, I attended an incredible, virtual 3-day conference called Get RYL where I re-aligned with my mission: to help others cultivate their self-love and compassion. I realized in this conference that:

1. I had this limiting belief that I was unworthy of other people’s time or attention, that asking for reviews would be “too much” or that I’d be perceived as “needing attention” or, again, “too much” if I promoted my poetry book.

2. I was planning on going to grad school next year to become a Marriage & Family Therapist because it was a secure and stable path that allowed me to hide behind a career and write on the side instead of doing what truly inspires me which is to share about self-love and help others love themselves and other deeper!

As a result of these breakthroughs, I’ve decided to shatter my limiting beliefs and dive 100% into creating my self-love platform which will include sharing my poetry book, speaking, coaching, writing and more! It’s honestly very scary but exciting, and I’ve never felt more alive!! I felt inspired to share my poetry book this week with you all so that we can spread even more love in this world. Thank you for being in my life and a part of this amazing adventure