I had the privilege of being on the Will and Lee Show Podcast this past week! We covered a range of topics around self-love including:

* My eating disorder in college & how to change one’s relationship with food/practice self-compassion (12:46)

* Preparing to travel solo & Safe & Solo (21:00)

* Practicing being alone to deepen self-love (26:27)

* Connecting with your inspiration, spirit guides to create and know when things are complete (37:19)

* My Morning self love ritual (59:30)

* “We’re human beings, not human doings.” (61:10)

You can hop to these parts to hear my poetry:

* “Self-Love Earplugs” (41:49)

* “Ice Skater” and what I see when I write (45:10)

* Background and reading of “Holding Up The Sky”. Will & I discuss why it’s important to share your burden with others and take on what’s meaningful (50:20)

* “​T​ransit ​S​unsets”​ and noticing miracles hiding in plain sight. (Will loses his mind over a hyphen)(55:16)

Hope you enjoy this podcast (full version below)! It’s also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

ALSO, for a limited time (through Oct 25th, 2020), you can download my poetry e-book, Loving Yourself Into Being for FREE on Amazon!!

Shout out to Andrew Hsu for your beautiful website/show notes! Thanks again, Lee & Will for having me on your show!

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