I was moved to tears by my extraordinary friend Jason Green’s words that I had to share with you!

“After spending 28 years in prison, I was unsure of where I would fit into a new unfamiliar society. I wondered if I would be accepted for the person that I have now become, or if many would hang onto my past and never let me forget it. This state of confusion brought a heavy uneasiness to my life following my release when I should have been living a brand new life. Then I came across a game changer, a Gem that has taught me how to give myself a loud, confident voice to overcome my own negative thoughts. The powerful words of patience, love, and perseverance in “Loving Yourself into Being” by Karina Hsieh has become a true blessing in my life. It has helped me live the peaceful, sound life that I only dreamed of living while sitting in a prison cell. It has given me a new, powerful way to view any obstacle that comes into my life, how to intake, evaluate, and perceive it and have power and control in it. Karina’s poems are now also helping empower many of the troubled youth in Richmond, California that I work with daily.Thank you, Karina, you are amazing. And thank you for helping make my mind peaceful and sound. I can only wish that I had this book years ago.”- Jason Green

For context, Jason and I became good friends at a powerful self development and leadership program over 3 years ago. Jason is truly an inspirational, kind, strong and loving leader, starting the non-profit: We Are Richmond, Inc. which has the mission “to eliminate the negative culture and vicious cycle of gang recruitment that preys on [their] city’s youth” by providing early intervention for “children ages 9-12 from rival gang areas, and [unites] them in playful, empowering activities.” Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty in sharing yourself and your past with all of us, Jason. I’m extremely humbled by your words and honored that my book could make a difference in your life and empower your community! I am so grateful you are in the world, making it a better, more loving place! 🙏💓

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